Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How To Beat Traffic Cameras

You can fight back against these traffic cameras. Photoblocker is a product that is both easy to apply and legal to use. Simply spray it on and your license plate will be invisible to the camera. The company also has an ebook that will tell you what to do if you have already received a camera ticket. Don't take a chance on not just paying the fine but, lets not forget the insurance hike your going to get after that ticket goes through.The $75.00 in the front end is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars these tickets can cost you with your insurance every year until the ticket finally is off your license. Check out some of the videos below and protect yourself now before you get a camera ticket. I have used photoblocker and it does work. I know I went through a camera light a while back and have yet to get anything in the mail. I also know they send out those tickets pretty quick so they can get there money. It's all a scam so my advise is to protect yourself before its to late.

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