Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Can Make Your Garmin, TomTom, Magellan and Other GPS Early Warning Devices

There is a new program out that you can plug into any, Garmin, TomTom or Magellan GPS that will make it an early warning device for traffic cameras and speed traps. You simply have to download the Data base of locations direct to your GPS and it will tell you when you are coming up on a Camera or Speed Trap. No more surprises because now you will know well before hand if a ticket threat is coming up. This is much better then the old, depending on on coming traffic flashing their lights at you. The program works beautifully with most major brands such as Garmin, TomTom and Magellan to name a few. The police even like the idea behind this because it will help prevent more accidents. Lets face it, the only reason responsible drivers get tickets is because of an error in judgement. Maybe they didn't realise how fast they are going or they just spaced out. Now your GPS is not only going to help you get to where you are going but, it will improve your safety too.

Check out this video which shows this program in action

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