Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Albuquerque Has Made Over 14 Million Dollars Citizens

The City of Albuquerque has made over 14 Million dollars fining its citizens when it has done everything it possible can to jeopardize their safety to entrap its citizens into these fines. It has done everything it can to diminish road safety, increase the number of tickets and accidents through the manipulation of yellow light timing, manipulating slipstreams, and has resulted in an overall increase in the number of accidents at cameraed intersections by 20% since the programs started. (Source: Albuquerque Journal, June 2006, Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments, 2008)

If the city stands to gain money by having an inefficient traffic system, it will ultimately lead to frustrated drivers, vehicles wearing out faster, increased emissions, and yes, increased traffic accidents from vehicles attempting to stay in the slipstream.

Already, normally law abiding citizens are fighting back using reflective coatings and license plate covers on their cars. Some have even resorted to placing fake letters on the plate to obfuscate the plate numbers. Others still, have simply registered their cars under corporations or LLCs to make them impervious to the and makes the program a complete joke. Many cities that have experimented with the Cameras have found them to be a huge boost in revenue. More responsible cities have found they also increase accidents at intersections. Responsible cities and governments have stopped these programs. What makes Albuquerque think its program is any different?
The attitude of city government seems to be to ignore these issues. I suppose as long as the city is making money, it's ok to cause more traffic accidents than we are stopping, right? I think it's difficult to make someone understand something if their job performance and revenue depends on them not understanding it. Let's get our slipstreams in gear and make sure our citizens get the protection and due process they deserve. Impeach Chavez now!
Check out RedFlex.com for the company information on the Red light camera program. Isn't it amazing the first thing the website mentions is profitability and offers ZERO safety statistics?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Video Proof Traffic Camera's Are More For Profit Then Safety